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ambulance service in hyderabad

Patient Transport

➤Often referred to as non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).
➤This service is necessary for patients who have completed their treatment and are ready to go home, but are unable to transport themselves
➤NEMT can also be utilized by patients who require transportation to appointments, medical procedures, or therapy sessions.

Transportation of patients from one hospital to another hospital in the needed situation:

➤This type of patient transport is usually considered an emergency and requires immediate attention.
➤Hospital-to-hospital transfers are often necessary when a patient requires specialized medical care or procedures that cannot be performed at their current facility.
➤The transportation can be arranged by the sending hospital or the receiving hospital, depending on the circumstances.
➤The mode of transportation used will depend on the patient's condition and the distance between the hospitals. It may include ground transportation, such as ambulances or medical helicopters.
➤The patient will be accompanied by medical staff throughout the journey to ensure their safety and provide necessary medical attention.
➤The cost of hospital-to-hospital transfer can vary depending on the mode of transportation and the patient's insurance coverage.

ambulance service in hyderabad

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